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*Cost:  You are probably wondering whether or not you can afford a personal chef. If you eat out two or more times a week, the answer is yes! On average, a My Garden, Your Table vegetarian/vegan meal costs about $15.00 per person, while a meal with meat costs about $17.00 per person. A meal for a family of four costs between $60.00 and $75.00 (see sample pricing here). It sounds like a large number, but unless you are eating fast food every time you go out, you are probably spending more than this once the tip is included.

*Benefits: Save time (and maybe money), eat delicious and healthy food, tailor the menu to your specific dietary needs and preferences (see menu samples here), and come home to a clean kitchen on the day I am there! With a personal chef, you can sit down at the table with your family to eat a delicious dinner at home on your own schedule (or on the couch in your pajamas after a hard day of work; we don’t judge!).

*Services: in-home personal chef, on-location vacation chef, small event catering at your home, grocery shopping, in-home cooking classes (see sample classes here)

*My Garden, Your Table is licensed, insured, and happy to provide references.

*It can be challenging to eat well in today’s busy world. The blog is here to help. Check back occasionally for new tips and recipes.

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